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Bond By Award Winning Author Ed Cozza

02 Mar Bond By Award Winning Author Ed Cozza

Bond By Award Winning Author Ed Cozza


award winning author Ed Cozza


I had inherited an old, portable, black and white television.  Some of you might have no idea what that is, but I assure you, at the time, it was a very valuable commodity.  I was officially a college freshman.  Far from home, with no friends at the school.  I did, however, possess a stereo and the above mentioned piece of equipment.  The stereo played record albums, which those of you who don’t know what the other thing is really won’t know what a record player is.

When you are a college freshman, in completely new surroundings, completely different environment, it is a constant question as to how you are going to make your way in this new world.  This spawns further introspection as to how you are going to make your way in the world that lay beyond, that you will be in after the four years of the world you are now in are completed.  Too many worlds.  Before there was just the one.  The one you were familiar with.  The one you saw in the rear-view mirror when you left for college.

How will you make friends here?  How will you get to a place that is as comfortable as the last place?  Will it be as comfortable as the last place?  Will it be more comfortable than the last place?  Will you be asking line after line of questions?
Friends.  You need friends.  They will help you, won’t they?

It’s 4 PM.  I don’t know what to do.  I do know I’m tired of studying.  I guess, I’ll sit down and watch Star Trek, because apparently, in this new world, the one where I don’t have any friends, but where I do have a black and white, portable television, Star Trek is on everyday at 4 PM.

A knock on my dorm room door.  Someone must be lost.  The janitor must be here with the cleaning police.  Nope, it’s a guy.  Just a guy like me.  He heard my TV and wanted to know if I he could watch Star Trek.  I made my first friend.

Others came in the days after that.  4 PM, my room was the place to be.  That eight dollar reclining lawn chair I had?  You had to get your reservation in early to get that seat, or provide a substantial tip to the maitre d’.  When the program ended at 5 PM, we made a mad dash to the dining hall.  We had to beat the rush of everyone else doing just what we were doing.

Yes, I was a fan of Star Trek when I was a kid, and I watched the movies later, though I never attended a convention, never wore any Star Fleet uniforms.  That bit of science fiction brought great amusement, brought a daily study break, and… brought new friends.  I thought about all these things yesterday, when I heard that Leonard Nimoy had passed away.  I always had great respect for him.  I thought that if I ever ran into him, rather than just gush, as most fans do, I would tell him this story.  Sometimes people and things have an impact beyond the normal.  The tricky part, and it is tricky, is being able to recognize that.  I can’t say that I always do, but I did this time.


Award winning author Ed Cozza penned his latest blog

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