But is there room for Elvis in your lives? - Ed Cozza Writer
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But is there room for Elvis in your lives?

21 Oct But is there room for Elvis in your lives?

There’s room in our lives for social media, for blogs, maybe (maybe not) the 24/7 news cycle, but does it all have to happen instead of writing a letter, picking up the phone to make a call, or inviting a friend to lunch? I’m no preacher, teacher or carnival barker – I can just see the writing on the Facebook Wall, if you get my drift. There’s a way to combat loneliness, and that’s to engage with real people when there’s something great going on in your lives. It is even more important when there’s something not great going on in their lives.

What are you going to do with your people this week…

1) Leave an anonymous note of kindness in someone’s chair. Or sign your name, leave a phone number and let them know you’re a good listener.

2) Take your daughter to Home Depot. Take your son to a plant nursery.

3) Go to a flea market with your friends and family. Hold a competition to see who finds the weirdest, most original, most intact Elvis item. Polaroid it, add to a scrapbook, get a video on Vine. #ElvisLives


Photos courtesy of Bing/Creative Commons.

Elvis, the Guitar.


Elvis, the Baby Doll.

Elvis Bobblehead. Available at a flea market near you.

Elvis, the Bobble Head.


Careful or you might have fun.


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