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Ed Cozza Featured in Encinitas Advocate

20 Apr Ed Cozza Featured in Encinitas Advocate

Cozza featured in Encinitas Advocate

“The first book started out as a short story and just got longer and longer,” explained Cozza. “So I decided it would be the first of a trilogy. But now that ‘Near Somewhere’ is done, I actually changed the inside cover to ‘Book Two of a Series’ just in case I need more than three. That may mean I am now — still? — out of control.”

Cozza’s self-deprecating humor and enthusiasm have made him a popular speaker, and his standing-room-only appearance at Warwick’s helped propel “Nowhere Yet” into the store’s Top 50 Bestsellers of 2012.

Read more from the article at: http://www.encinitasadvocate.com/news/2015/mar/21/edward-cozza-encinitas-author/

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