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Hope: By Author Edward Cozza

20 Feb Hope: By Author Edward Cozza

HopeHope: By author Edward Cozza

Jogging around the bases… no, make that rounding third and heading for home at full speed on getting out book number 2.  I don’t really have time for writing about other things, except baseball.  There should always be time for that, but there is especially Pitchers and catchers report today, so that makes me feel good to know that baseballs are being thrown around, leather is popping, and someone beside me will have sore muscles in the morning.

My novels are not about baseball, but I would not have been able to write them without baseball, but that is a zen thing for me.  I can only hope that you would read this, go to a baseball game and come always saying: “that goofy writer was right, I do feel more grounded after watching this.”  That is a great deal to hope for, in this our first meeting, but I can remain optimistic that you might come to that conclusion.

I’m not going to write about baseball that much, but I am going to refer to it, from time to time.  The thought of the weather warming, ever so slightly, as to break out my glove that had been resting since the previous summer, a baseball inside of it, having also spent fall and winter there to help the glove keep from feeling lonely, keep from losing it’s shape.  Yes, that is what I remember.  Waiting for my Dad to get home from work, or for my brother to break away from his older pals so someone could play catch with the short guy.  The first day leaves a mark, but then it always should.

Spring Training starts today, and even the most hapless of teams have hope on this day, have dreams today.  Those players that are reporting for the first time have the biggest dreams of all, are more nervous than the others.  The chance lies in front of them to make it, to get paid for something that they absolutely love to do.  A thing that they would do for free, could they only have something else that subsidized the activity.

Sounds like writing.

Play ball.

By award winning author Edward Cozza 

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