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Short Stories

"Day" by Ed Cozza

My brother & I went walking, down the snowy, gravel roads of the town where my Grandparents lived. We were probably in grade school. (I don’t know what they call it now. Pre-pre-pre college maybe.) It was really cold, the snow packed pretty good. We...

New York
Let’s Eat-New York

We are here, in New York, for the final All Star Game at Yankee Stadium. That is the specific reason we are in New York. As important as that is, we can’t go right to The Stadium. We could only walk around outside, and that,...

Beverage Journey by Edward Cozza
Beverage Journey

It was not that difficult to to be in the nationwide, and for all I know, worldwide coffee shop chain as the only nonsoccer- mom. There were a couple of retired guys in there with me, so there was some camaraderie, though we did not...

The Morrison House by Edward Cozza
Return To The Morrison House

The wind and rain gave the airplane the qualities of a theme park ride. There would be no last round of drinks before landing. The attendants were buckled-in like everyone else. Will had not been to Washington, D. C. in many years and this blustering...

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